The 10 Steps to Buying a Legit Pre-Owned Vehicle

Purchasing a car be it new or pre-owned can be very hard. Always ensure you make the best choice when buying a pre-owned vehicle to prevent headaches for years. Do not just jump on buying a car because it is cheap. Remember the car could be in very bad shape, illegally altered or even stolen. For these reasons, you need to do a proper check before buying a used car.

Steps to buying a used car.

1.Set your budget.

You should have a target and know how much you are willing to spend on the car. Remember to include maintenance costs in your budget since you will need a mechanic to check it out. You might also want to customize it to your liking. Include this in the budget too. Set aside a “just-in-case” fund if the car is out of warranty to cover unexpected costs.

2.Come up with a target list.

Come up with a target list of the type of cars you desire. List them down so that you can narrow down your search. You could check online auto-dealer marketing to get more options. See more.

3.Do your homework and research well.

Research online on the cars on your list intensively. Know their pros and cons. Research on the prices. You will obviously eliminate some in the process. Remain with at least two model types that you are interested in.

4.Visit reputable dealers in your area.

Now it is time to visit those reputable car dealers. Ensure it is near your home because you will need to communicate with the seller frequently and inspect the car.

5.Check the vehicle’s history.

No one wants a car with a bad history full of accidents and mishaps. Run a used car history report. This is done by getting the identification number and having it checked. This will provide you with servicing information.

6.Inspect the owner.

It is good to contact the seller. Get to know him/her. If you have difficulty communicating, chances are you will have problems negotiating and finishing the deal. Avoid quick deals. Take your time to establish a good relationship with the seller.

7.Test drive.

This is the time to inspect the car. Is it comfortable enough? Test drive to see how it feels. Pay attention to any sounds indicating damaged parts. Pay attention to the exterior too. Check the paint for scratches and dents. Inspect the tires too. Ensure the trunk is clean and there is a spare tire.

8.Bring your own mechanic.

There are minute details that a mechanic will pay attention to and easily identify. He/she should make an overall inspection of the exhaust system, engine, etc.

9.Negotiate with the seller.

Try coming to an agreement with the seller. Remember what you had budgeted for. Do not overspend. The reason why you are buying a used car is that it is cheaper than a new car. keep this in mind as you negotiate.


Do not leave without insurance papers, certificate of ownership or transfer of title and warranty papers if available.

When you follow these steps carefully not only will you have made buying a pre-owned vehicle easier, but you will get the best car with the best deal possible. Learn more details at